The Plant

The Plant, a Tokyo-based software firm, is bringing social collaboration to international companies with a new tool called Qortex.

Qortex is designed to help teams cut through communication clutter and focus on the task at hand. For managers, the software includes “advanced product management features” such as to-do lists, customizable workflows and deadline scheduling, among other capabilities.

Qortex has spent quite a bit of time and effort into perfecting its software, especially given The Plant’s international presence and Qortex’s goal of expanding across the globe.

“The tools out there today often ignore the variances of the modern company, whether generational or cultural, and Qortex is designed to unite your company’s communications while preserving the valuable uniqueness that makes your teams effective. If your workers feel like they are in a foreign country when they are online, most of them will stay at home,” commented Anatole Varin, the founder of The Plant.

Don’t Make Localisation an Afterthought

So, you have developed an application. And now you want to make your product available to a larger international audience, who’s first language is not English.

Your app is “done” you don’t really want to invest money into localising it in another language, so the cheapest option: you hire a translation company, get a translation a few days or weeks later and that’s it, right?

Think twice.

Qortex is attempting to solve the productivity paradox. The social productivity app entered beta today, taking on Yammer, Basecamp, Asana (and dozens of other competitors) to become the best workflow and collaboration system out there.

Countless apps and services claim to make people and teams more productive, but whether they actually achieve that goal is questionable. This is the productivity paradox — the contradiction between innovation and advances in computing, and the slow growth of productivity. Qortex was founded to address this problem. Read on…